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Emanuel Snatager

Emanuel Snatager was born in Israel and was the son of Eduard Snatager and Ruth Hecht, who both survived the Holocaust. During World War II, Eduard lived in Zutphen in Holland, went into hiding but lost all of his family.

After the war he went to Palestina where he met his future wife, Ruth Hecht who had also lost part of her family in Bratislava. They married and got two children, Ronit and Emanuel.

Due to their background Ronit and Emanuel both became active in the field of trauma.

Emanuel studied in the Netherlands and became a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He specialized in the treatment of victims of war and violence. He did not only treat victims but also perpetrators and their offspring. For him they were all traumatised human beings that needed help.


Emanuel was not only a good psychotherapist, he was also a good business man. During his professional life he has built a capital and decided to allocate this to the people he had always served, the victims of war and trauma.

The Volkskrant, a national newspaper in Holland wrote an obituary after Emanuel passed away with interesting information about his professional life.

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