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We are looking for:
Secretary to the Board ESF and RESF – job description

1. Context

The Emanuel Snatager Foundation (ESF) and the Ruth and Eduard Snatager Foundation (RESF) are
both founded by the late Emanuel Snatager and started to operate after he passed away on October 8th, 2020.

ESF supports individuals who have an obstacle due to war or violence, in realizing their
goals or dreams and operates internationally.

RESF fulfills the needs of disadvantaged population groups who have fallen victim to
violence and distress and operates mainly in Israel.

More information about these foundations can be found on their websites:
ESF: https://www.emanuelsnatagerfdn.org
RESF: https://www.snatagerfoundation.org

The boards of both foundations work closely together and partly overlap. For the next phase, we look
for a secretary to support both boards.

2. Goal of the secretary

Both boards select and support projects of other foundations and sometimes individuals. After two
years, the number of projects supported is 22 for ESF and 14 for RESF. Each project has several

  • Identification by the board

  • Proposal by the candidate

  • Decision by the board to support, confirmation of the donation

  • Execution of the project, the board stays in touch

  • Ending and evaluation of the project

Projects can take several years and the number of projects of both boards will increase further.

Each project accepted and not accepted has to be filed correctly.

The main goal of the secretary is to help both boards to follow the phases, to administer the projects
and to provide overviews of the projects.

3. Tasks of the secretary

The main tasks of the secretary are:


  • Organize and report the board meetings

  • Taken the minutes of the Board meetings;

  • Keep an archive of the correspondence by the Board and on behalf of the respective foundation.

  • Be the first point of contact for the respective foundation;

  • Organize the execution of the decisions and operate as the contact person for the foundations we support

  • Keep a record of each project (proposal, confirmation, answer to the confirmation, evaluation) and of projects not accepted

  • Provide an overview for each board of their projects

  • Make a yearly activity report for both websites

  • Prepare travels of board members: tickets, hotel, etc.

4. Profile of the secretary to the board

The secretary is the right hand of the chairpersons of both boards and has the next competencies
and skills:

  • Project management skills

  • IT skills: filing, excel

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • English language

This job takes 2-4 days a month.