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Board and organization         

The board meets every month and has no remuneration.

At this moment we have no executive organization.

All tasks are executed by board members, assisted by external experts if needed.   

 We are member of FIN, the association of charitable funds and foundations in The Netherlands. As Board we respect the FIN code of conduct.  

Hans is our chairman. He was born in 1946 in Deventer in the Netherlands and was a good friend of Emanuel.

Hans studied Hotel management and followed post experience education in the field of general management.

Hans started his working life with management functions in hospitals and became later active as director and CEO. Examples are Pieter van Foreest Foundation and Holland Casino.

Hans has worked for PUM, a Dutch organization that enables the growth of small and medium sized companies in developing countries and emerging markets. Hans has realized 12 missions in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. 

Hans has been part of several other foundations and actually is chairman of two other boards, i.e. Andros Clinics and Mundo Kinderopvang.

Hans is married and has two children.  

Hans van Holten


Eva van der Fluit


Eva is our secretary and program manager. She is born in 1958 in Wellington in New Zealand and was Emanuel’s partner.

Eva studied Psychology (B.A.) and Business Administration (M.A.). She started her working life as development worker in Africa in projects for the World Bank and the UN.

Afterwards Eva became management consultant and specialized in knowledge companies like hospitals, universities and law firms. Here inclusive strategy making is a must. Eva is an expert in engaging the whole system in exploring the future and in improving the way of working.

In 2016 Eva obtained a PhD in conflict management in the cockpit. Due to their risky work, pilots are ahead of other knowledge workers in the way they handle conflict and error. The results of this study are integrated in the training of new KLM captains and are transferred to other organizations.

Ronit is our program manager and linking pin with the Eduard and Ruth Foundation. She is born in 1950 in Tel Aviv in Israel and is Emanuel’s older sister.

Ronit studied Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science in the Hebrew university (B.A) and Criminology (M.A) in the Tel- Aviv university, where -  in 1979 -  she conducted the first ever empirical research on violence against women in Israel.

Since 1979, Ronit is involved in the prevention of domestic violence in Israel, on a national scale.

Ronit established and directed (1983-2000the Department of Treatment and Prevention of Domestic Violence in Naamat, the largest women’s organization in Israel. Its main goal is to promote the status of women in Israel and to bring about a change in social policy towards complete gender equality in the family, at work and in society in general.

Ronit served as a Director of the Authority for status of Women in the prime minister’s office (2000-2003) under Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon. 

Ronit is one of the founding staff members of Beit-Ruth, village for girls at risk.
She managed the village that started as a hostel and became a large scale living and treatment complex in Afula (2005-2016). Since 2016, she manages several special projects in the Beit-Ruth organization, including the Knowledge Center, Volunteering and Beit Ruth Alumni.

Ronit has two children - Ran (1974) and Gili (1978).

Ronit Lev-Ari


Wim van der Beek


Wim is our treasurer. He is born in 1951 in Amsterdam and was a good friend of Emanuel.

Wim has been graduated in the Teacher Training College and did additional training in History.

Wim worked as a teacher and specialized later on in Finance. He had several financial functions in companies and his latest post was Financial Director in an education company.

Wim collects and studies literature. Important themes are war, colonialism and the persecution of Jews.

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